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about me - hello


I’m Ashleigh, a 19 year old  bookworm from England that has been living in the fictional world half her life. And yes, I DO mean “half” my life because ever since I could read, I have read.

You can expect to find me daydreaming, or looking at the world in a different way to make it more fantasy-like. Find a hollow in a tree during a woodland walk? Just a natural occurrence? Or is it a faerie’s hideaway? I’ll happily take photos and make a story in my mind to make it seem like the latter. Because why not open your eyes to the small magics of the world?


about me - the books

I mainly read YA (young adult) books, though the genre does change quite often. My favourite genres are Fantasy and Historical Fiction, but I’m happy to read others – think Contemporary, SciFi, Graphic Novels/Comics…I could go on. And it’s not always necessarily YA either, sometimes I’ll stray off into Adult territory.

Basically, my reading taste is quite varied. Let’s just put it that way, shall we?

So here is where I write my reviews and ramblings – anything book related!

There are many books on my favourites shelf, since it’s so hard to narrow favourites down to so few. My favourites shelf is featured on my Goodreads account, so feel free to check it out!

~ I’m currently trying to get into classics more, so any suggestions would be appreciated! ~

about me - little more

As well as reading, I love singing – which I do about 50% of the time –  and drawing/painting (I have an art page, just look at the menu!). There’s so so many books out there I want to own! I will never have a large enough book collection.

*ahem* Anyway.

I would say I’m quite an organized person. I can’t do without my notebooks. I mean, how would I remember what to write in my reviews if I didn’t take notes, hmm? HHMMM?

I’m a Slytherin (although I have some Gryffindor in me according to the new Pottermore, you know, the update that gave half the population an identity crisis), and a Disney fan. And you know how stereotypical witches have black cat familiars that follow them everywhere? I have one of those. He’s called Oscar. But I’m not a witch (unfortunately)...OR AM I?

about me - rambling

spoiler free

Until next time…

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