Uprooted by Naomi Novik | A standalone fantasy with the feel of a dark fairytale (at least to me)


This book had been sat on my shelves for ages. I think…over a year? Maybe? And I really have no idea why, because it’s intrigued me ever since I first heard about it. But for some reason, there it sat, feeling unloved (even though it very much was, in it’s place on my shelves).

But at last, we’re here. We’ve reached the day where I actually read this book.


Let’s dive into Uprooted!


Title: Uprooted

Author: Naomi Novik

Publisher:Β Pan MacMillan

Series Status: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Number of Pages: Β 448

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January Wrap Up | Actually, quite a lot happened this month…


January. A new year. A new motivation. A motivation that, usually, doesn’t last all that long. But when it does, it feels wonderful.

The weather in England is still bitterly cold, if not more so than before Christmas. It is no longer fun anymore. But still, we manage. There’s worse things than a cold wind biting at our faces, after all. Worse things than numb fingers. And the comfort of a warm blanket and hot water bottle can soon rid those nuisances.

What better way to spend those cold evenings than reading?

Let’s see what January brought…

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That Huge Build Up Of Books That I Hope To Read This Summer

summer TBR

You know when you sort of keep buying books and you really want to read them all but you don’t know when that’ll happen so you keep planning to read them soon and then you end up in a huge tangle of “oh my goodness what do I read now?!?”

Well, that’s basically what this post is.

I suppose this is a TBR, since I’m actually planning on reading these.

But these books are the books I hope to read this summer – well, all the books that I OWN that I plan to read. No doubt I’ll end up buying more. And obviously I’ll be reading more than just these books.

This was originally going to be a Top 10 post, but …well…there’s more than ten πŸ˜€

But anyway, I’m rambling.

Here are the books I own that I hope to read this Summer!


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April Book Haul – So Much For That Book Buying Ban!

April haul

At the start of the month I said to myself “I’m on a book buying ban for April because I’ve gotten so many books since December.”

As time went on, I realized one of my most anticipated releases came out at the end of the month. So this went from no books to “I’ll make an exception for THAT ONE BOOK.”

And then April actually started and I ended up getting 6 books. And a half. Kind of (you’ll see what I mean).

So here’s my failed book buying ban – otherwise known as a haul!


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