A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini | An incredible, but brutally honest story that held my heart on the line throughout


This book has been on my radar for a while now – all of Khaled Hosseini’s books have been – so when the lovely people at SocialBookCo contacted me through their review programme, asking if I would like to review this for them, of course, I said yes!

This is the 3rd book I’ve reviewed for them. This is basically a site that compares all the different prices of books from different retailers, showing you where you can buy each book for the cheapest price. And then there’s the reviewing side – If you join their programme, there are opportunities for you to be sent books for free in exchange for an honest review by a given date. So check it out if you’re interested!


Let’s dive into A Thousand Splendid Suns!

(sounds a bit suicidal)


Title: A Thousand Splendid Suns

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Series Status: Standalone

Genre: Late Historical Fiction or Early Contemporary (it spans over many years)

Number of Pages:  372

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YOU recommend! It’s time for you guys to take over my blog & make my formidable TBR even longer


Guys, you’re taking over my blog.

At least for today, anyway.

This blog is basically one huge recommendation for reading. There’s an endless amount of books talked about on here, but even so, there’s even more I’ve not yet discovered.

Now, recently I posted my Reading Resolutions for 2017 video. For those who you who haven’t seen it (which you totally should, you know. Would be very much appreciated *winks*), three of the resolutions on there are about bringing a difference to my reading taste.

1. I hope to read more nonfiction

2. I hope to read more diversely

and 3. I hope to broaden my genres

Which means I’ve got a lot of book buying to do in 2017. And you know what I need to do that?

Your recommendations!

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A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard | The cute way to learn that making a few mistakes sometimes is OK


So I recently received some very exciting news…I’ve been added to Macmillan’s (@MyKindaBook) YA blogger list! I feel so lucky, and I just thought I’d mention it because you’ll probably be seeing some more books from them over the next few months. Though don’t worry – I definitely won’t be bombarding you with them! Most of my books will still be self bought 🙂

Anyway, this book was one of the first ones to be sent my way. And though I’d not heard much of it beforehand, I’m SO glad it was sent to me because…well, let’s just say this is DEFINITELY a positive review.


Let’s talk about A Quiet Kind of Thunder!

This book suits my aesthetic perfectly. Just saying. 

Title: A Quiet Kind of Thunder

Author: Sara Barnard

Publisher: Macmillan

Series Status: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Number of Pages:  305

Release Date: 12th January 2017

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Just Juliet by Charlotte Raegan | A cute book full of diversity with a lovably realistic group of friends


This was actually one of those “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” cases. Because I KNOW we shouldn’t do it, but it’s hard not to when you just don’t like the cover. Yet, here we are.

I can already tell this review is going to be a rambling one, because I just have that much to say about it, there’s no way I can do this coherently. So be prepared.


Let’s talk about Just Juliet!


Title: Just Juliet

Author: Charlotte Reagan

Publisher: Inkitt

Series Status: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+

Number of Pages:  219

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