Waiting On… | My Anticipated Releases, AKA a shopping list for things that don’t exist


Logic dictates that this post should have gone up around new year. Or at least some time in January. A new year, what better way to bring it in than look at all the book you’re excited for?

Well, this post isn’t logical. In January, I could barely think of any books I’m anticipating. I lost complete track of when each book is being released, so it took some time to gather everything up. But recently, I added a “waiting on…” page in my bullet journal, listing all the books I’m waiting for this year. And so, here at last, are the books I’m waiting for!

This will be split into two sections: The books that are new, shiny releases, and the books that are already out, but I’m waiting for a specific edition.

Let’s have a look at my anticipated releases!

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Revelling in the magical atmosphere of the twisted game in…Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Β All the way back in July, I was lucky enough to receive a stunning ARC of this book. But since it doesn’t come out until January, I restrained myself from reading it until December. I mean, I did want my review sat scheduled in my posts for 5 months now, did I?

And so at last, this book made it’s way onto my monthly TBR, and here we are today.


Let’s talk about Caraval!

caravalΒ Β caraval

Title: Caraval

Author: Stephanie Garber

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Number of Pages: Β 416

To Be Released: 26th January 2017

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Such a “Heartless” cover reveal (geddit?) – Heartless by Marissa Meyer is having a separate UK cover? How did I not know?



This actually confused me slightly when it was revealed yesterday. Because Heartless by Marissa Meyer had a cover reveal…even though it already had one. I even did a blog post on that one too πŸ˜†

And yet here we are today, with another spontaneous blog post because I just feel the need to share all things bookish. Even if it happened yesterday and everyone probably already saw by now. But shhhhhh we’re here to chat about said news.

So here’s the UK cover of Heartless, in




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