All my reviews are my honest opinion, and will not include spoilers.

When writing reviews I have a chatty and friendly style, and will usually write how I actually react. Of course I’ll then go into further detail about my thoughts.

I aim to upload at least one review every week. All of my reviews are posted first on here, but then are shared on Goodreads, Bloglovin’ and Amazon. A link will be shared on my Twitter page too, as well as a photo on Instagram. I like to get my reviews out there!


Review Requests:


If you are an author or publisher that wishes me to review a book, please note this: I cannot read E-copies of books because it causes problems for my eyes and I can rarely finish the book on screens. If you wish to send me a book to review, I will need a physical copy sent to me (preferably paperback, but hardbacks will be accepted too). And since people have asked me before to consider shipping prices, I live in England.

If you do send me a book to review, I will prioritize the book over others, and read it as soon as I finish the book I’m currently reading. Though bare in mind this could still take a few weeks, as other books for review may have arrived to me first. In all cases, I will get the review up as soon as possible. My review will contain only my honest opinion, so I do consider the review request thoroughly before accepting to try and avoid a bad review (since I’ll only accept books that genuinely seem interesting to me).


Book genres I read and review:


I mainly read:

Young Adult


Historical Fiction



Graphic Novels & Comics

And occasionally read:



Mystery & thriller



Adult (in all genres above)

Some of my favourite books are mentioned on my About Me page, or you can check out my Goodreads page to get a better idea of the books I enjoy.

Thank you for your interest!