My reviews will contain only my honest opinion, so I do consider review requests thoroughly before accepting to try and avoid a bad review (since I’ll only accept books that genuinely seem interesting to me). I’ve become more selective about the books I accept, so please do not take offense if I decline your offer. There could be any number of reasons, from work taking priority to a simple lack of interest in the genre!

If you are an author or publisher that wishes me to review a book, please note this: I cannot read E-copies of books because it causes problems for my eyes and I can rarely finish the book on screens. If you wish to send me a book to review, I will need a physical copy sent to me (preferably paperback, but hardbacks will be accepted too).Β Any requests only offering a digital/e-copy will be ignored.

Since people have asked me before to consider shipping prices, I live in England!

When writing reviews I have a chatty and friendly style, and will usually write how I actually react. Of course I’ll then go into further detail about my thoughts.

All of my reviews are posted first on here, but then are shared on Goodreads, Bloglovin’ and Amazon.

I mainly read…

Fantasy and Historical Fiction are my favourite genres, but I read and review a wide range of genres. The books I read are usually a mix of Adult and Young Adult.

If you want to look into it more before sending a request, you can see all of my reviews on my index page, or you can check out my Goodreads page to get a better idea of the books I enjoy.

Feel free to contact me!

Thank you for your interest!