Whether it’s to request a certain book for me to review, a tag you want me to complete, or just a friendly chat –

If you wish to contact me, you can do so by…

Emailing me : ashleighjadew98@gmail.com


through my social media – either Twitter or Goodreads. Feel free to tweet or message me!

If you contact me through Instagram, I will only see it if you comment on a post, since my DM’s don’t give me a notification.

Twitter | Goodreads | InstagramΒ 


To see which books I like to read, view my About Page.


Note – For a quicker response use my social media pages, since I get notifications straight away. However, I do check my emails quite often so you will likely have a response by the next couple of days.

My email is only used for widespread notifications, work and if somebody wishes to contact me. I don’t use my emails for everyday matters such as friendly chats, so if that’s what you’re wanting, again – use my social media pages πŸ™‚


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