Book Title Appreciation | Because some book titles just roll off the tongue in that nice way

title appreciation

It can’t just be me that really appreciates it when a book title is just SO GOOD.

Whether it’s one of those that catches your attention, or makes no sense, or just feels really good to say, there’s always those title that you just think “YES. I LIKE YOU.”

Or…at least there is for me.

So come on, let’s have some title appreciation!

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Waiting On… | My Anticipated Releases, AKA a shopping list for things that don’t exist


Logic dictates that this post should have gone up around new year. Or at least some time in January. A new year, what better way to bring it in than look at all the book you’re excited for?

Well, this post isn’t logical. In January, I could barely think of any books I’m anticipating. I lost complete track of when each book is being released, so it took some time to gather everything up. But recently, I added a “waiting on…” page in my bullet journal, listing all the books I’m waiting for this year. And so, here at last, are the books I’m waiting for!

This will be split into two sections: The books that are new, shiny releases, and the books that are already out, but I’m waiting for a specific edition.

Let’s have a look at my anticipated releases!

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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen | A long book with a lot of toing and froing, but a good read nonetheless


Yes I know there’s a typo in the title image. Yes it bothers me immensely. Yes we are just going to ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen.Β 

Sense and Sensibility. The last Jane Austen novel I needed to read to be able to proudly say “I’ve read Jane Austen’s entire works”…kind of. I still have a book of short stories by her. But you know. I read all her full novels so it counts.

I recently made a video of mini-reviews for Jane Austen, going through each of the books in order of least favourite to favourite. So if you’ve seen that, you might remember where this one came. But now, it’s time for the full review.

Let’s dive into Sense and Sensibility!

*Sorry the image looks weird. My phone camera doesn’t get along with clothbound books, apparently?*


Title: Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: Penguin

Series Status: Standalone

Genre: Classic, Romance

Number of Pages: Β 448

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A little look into my bullet journal | A preview of my bujo & some tips alongside


2017 brought bullet journaling to me. And I absolutely LOVE IT.

I have a love for drawing, but that sort of died a bit when I took a course in art and was made to draw things I couldn’t care less about every day for a year. And by “died”, I mean it was slaughtered and left bleeding while I mourned its loss. But ever so gradually, that love for drawing has made its way back to me, but alas, I have no inspiration. I’m not one who can just think up an imagine in my head and draw it. I have to use photo references, and a lot of practice attempts.

So what better way to quench my need to draw than starting a bullet journal?

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It’s been 5 years, mum…

*This is a very personal kind of post. And not a happy one. Just putting this little warning here for those of you who would rather not read this kind of thing. But to me, it’s important, so here it is*

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Merry Christmas!! Grateful wonderings from 2016 & a few festive updates



Considering it’s Christmas day tomorrow, I thought I’d move this blog post a day earlier and make it a mash of grateful wonderings and festive updates.

Though really, the updates aren’t actually that festive…at all…

Although this post is labelled as being festive, it’s a lot more of an acknowledgement of things I’m grateful for from 2016, so if you don’t celebrate Christmas – don’t worry, you won’t be bombarded with it. And I hope each and every one of you take a moment and join me in thinking of things you’re grateful for πŸ™‚

Let’s get to it!

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*Shout after me* Don’t cringe away from hyped books…read them!


Hyped books. We see them everywhere – hence why they’re classed as being “hyped”. They’re not only confined to bookstores and people’s personal shelves. Now they live on social media too, taking over twitter, instagram (especially if they’re so aesthetically beautiful), YouTube and blogs.

They’re the books that people love. The ones that everyone raves about.

And yet, they can be the ones that are daunting. The ones you dare not tackle just in case you don’t absolutely adore it with all your heart and the book community will crash and burn from the unpopular opinion.

But you know what I say? READ THE HYPED BOOKS!

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Unanswered Book Questions: Because no matter how much we read, we don’t always have answers


All the words we read, all the pages we flip through, all the books we collect and hoard. They bring a lot of questions, don’t they? And even though we read all these words, we don’t always find our answers in them.

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The new fandom merchandise store you all need to know about (I mean just look at how suave the bear looks. Come on. How can you not?)


There’s online stores for fandom merchandise EVERYWHERE. We bookworms have an awful habit of spending our money on anything book related, made all the more easier by the internet.

So what am I going to do? Am I going to tell you not to? Am I going to scold everyone for their reckless spending?


I’m going to show you this new store (because you absolutely need to see these designs) and tell you to #TREATYOSELF !Β Yes I did really just say that but shhh roll with me

So the best way to showcase the wonders of this store? Well, by interviewing the owner of the store of course!

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BOOKSHELF TOUR, 1 year of blogging …& possible booktube channel? ALL THE IDEAS ARE HAPPENING



It has officially been 1 year since I started this little blog of mine!Β 

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