Book Title Appreciation | Because some book titles just roll off the tongue in that nice way

title appreciation

It can’t just be me that really appreciates it when a book title is just SO GOOD.

Whether it’s one of those that catches your attention, or makes no sense, or just feels really good to say, there’s always those title that you just think “YES. I LIKE YOU.”

Or…at least there is for me.

So come on, let’s have some title appreciation!

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Waiting On… | My Anticipated Releases, AKA a shopping list for things that don’t exist


Logic dictates that this post should have gone up around new year. Or at least some time in January. A new year, what better way to bring it in than look at all the book you’re excited for?

Well, this post isn’t logical. In January, I could barely think of any books I’m anticipating. I lost complete track of when each book is being released, so it took some time to gather everything up. But recently, I added a “waiting on…” page in my bullet journal, listing all the books I’m waiting for this year. And so, here at last, are the books I’m waiting for!

This will be split into two sections: The books that are new, shiny releases, and the books that are already out, but I’m waiting for a specific edition.

Let’s have a look at my anticipated releases!

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Top 10 books I need to read in 2017 – both anticipated releases & books I already own


First of all, I’m sorry for the amount of reviews this blog has become laden in. Over November and December, I read so many more books than I usually do, and I’ve fallen behind. In trying to schedule one review per week, I had reviews for books I read early November not going up until late December, which really bothered me. So at the moment, I’ve set a few reviews to go up each week, just to try and get them all caught up again. I’m gradually catching up, so hopefully this won’t be for much longer!

But for today, I have something different to break up all the mundane reviews.

Today, I’m going to talk about the top 10 books I want to read in 2017! Now, this isn’t necessarily books that are released in 2017. I’ve done such a bad job at keeping up with anticipated releases, that really I’ve just given up and have resolved to just grab the books as I see them. Great plan. But I also have a whole load of books on my shelves at the moment, practically leaping at me and burying me under commands of “READ ME!”

And so they must be listened to.

Here are the top 10 books I want to read this year!

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2016 End of Year Book Survey – In it for the long haul


So with 2017 just started, I decided I’d take part in the 2016 Annual End of Year Book Survey – Originally made by The Perpetual Page-TurnerΒ (all the graphics are made by her too).

This is basically a look back of all the books I read throughout the year, though not necessarily published this year, filling in all the categories πŸ™‚ A quick, easy post, but an interesting one nonetheless!

So without anymore rambling, let’s get into the survey!

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Looking back at my 2016 reading resolutions – let’s see if I nailed them or failed them


At the start of 2016, way back when the new year brought hopeful ambition coursing through my veins, I made a whole bunch of reading resolutions.

Now, resolutions aren’t something I usually stick to. The intention is there, but the motivation very quickly dies. However…somehow reading resolutions are easier to achieve to me. Maybe because I’m actually interested in them, or because it’s not a huge lifestyle change?

There were quite a few though. And a lot of the time I forgot I even had resolutions. So I’ve honestly no idea how this look back will go, but I’m excited to see whether I failed it or nailed it πŸ˜†

Let’s take a look back!

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Favourite books of 2016 | That awkward moment where I realise I’ve been reluctant with the 5 stars


Hi guys! How are you all doing? I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful time these past few days ❀

Today’s post is coming to you a bit later in the day than usual. With the festivities and general busyness of the season, I didn’t have time to write and schedule the post beforehand like usual. And let’s face it, it’s taking me longer to get back into the swing of things after taking a break.

But today, I’m bringing you my favourite books of 2016. The ones I READ in 2016, not necessarily published in 2016. Now, when I came to look through my Goodreads challenge to choose my favourites out, I was originally planning on picking out 16 for 2016. BUT…then I realised that this year, I’ve actually been quite stingy with my 5 star ratings, and there’s not that many I wanted to mention. However, I did rate a fair few books a 4.5/5 stars, and some of those are really close to being all-time favourites (and are definitely favourites for this year) so I’ve included those too, and managed to get 10.

So let’s talk about my favourite books of 2016!

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Bookish Gift Guide – because gift buying can be difficult, right?


EVERYBODY SING! “It’s the moooost wonderful timeee of the yearrrr”

– or at least, it is if you have your gift ideas sorted. If not, then it can be the most stressful time of the year.

Now, bookworms might seem like the easiest people to buy for. What do you get a bookworm? A book. Sorted! ….or is it? You might not want to get them a book. It’s a pretty predictable gift. You might have gotten them books for the last 5 christmases and want to change it up a bit. You might still be getting them a book, but want something else to go along with it. Or even if you want to get them a book, you might not know what sort of books they’d want. There’s a lot of things to consider.

So here are my gift ideas. Now, I do have to admit that I’m really bad at coming up with gift ideas. So I’ve honestly no idea why I’m doing this post. A lot of these you’ve probably heard of before, with the amount of gift guides out there, but I’ve tried to throw in a few new ideas!

Everything will be linked too in case you want to follow up any of these ideas!

Let’s get on with the gift guide!

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Blogger Tips: Helping you frolic through your blogging life [Miscellaneous Edition]


So here we are at last, at the end of the Blogger Tips mini-series!

I’m so glad this mini-series has been helpful to you guys πŸ˜€ But wait – we have one more to get through yet!

Again, the disclaimer of all disclaimers – I am in NO way saying this is the right way to do blogging. I’m not saying I’m particularly great at blogging. I’m just sharing tips that have been helpful to me over my year of blogging so far.

So let’s get on with the very last round of blogger tips!

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Blogger Tips: Helping you frolic through your blogging life [Design Edition]


After that little break from the blogging tips last Sunday, here we are back again!

We’ve had personal tips. We’ve had writing tips. Well this time, I’m here to bring you a few design tips

Again, the disclaimer of all disclaimers – I am in NO way saying this is the right way to do blogging. I’m not saying I’m particularly great at blogging. I’m just sharing tips that have been helpful to me over my year of blogging so far.

So let’s get on with the design tips!

Now I do have to admit, design isn’t my strong suit. It took me months to get my blog the way it is, purely because I’m so incapable of understanding technology. But I figured I might as well share what I’ve discovered through my hours of Googling and experimenting. So here we go.

Sidenote: All of these tips are entirely optional, of course.

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Blogger Tips: Helping you frolic through your blogging life [Writing Edition]


Remember the blogger tips from last week? Well, here’s round 2!

So for this week, I decided to make it about the actual writing of blogs. Because like everything when it comes to blogging, that stuff can be hard.

But never fear. I’ll be acting as your li’l fae friend today, frolicking around and sprinkling words of advice in an attempt to make your task that little bit easier.

So let’s get on with the “writing” tips!

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